--------@_@ Christmas Karaoke PACKAGES & SPECIALS @_@--------

1. $16/Person (1 Hour Unlimited Karaoke) + 2 Beers

2. $20/Person (1 Hour Unlimited Karaoke) + 2 House Mixes

3. $30/Person (2 Hours Unlimited Karaoke) + 1 Beer or 3 House Mixes

4. $40/Person (2 Hours Unlimited Karaoke) + 6 Beers or 5 House Mixes

Tax and Gratuity will be added to your final bill.


Bring your own hard liquors and beers!

* Under 21 Karaoke party

You can bring your foods and cake with no extra charge (no alcohol is allowed)

*Every thursday, you can sing for FREE at the bar (must be over 21+ ID is required.)

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Welcome to Karaoke Christmas

Karaoke Christmas is a karaoke bar & private rooms located in Bayside, New York.

Along with the huge bar lounge, Karaoke Christmas introduces private party rooms where you and your family can join together and have party in selection of rooms privately.

More than 50 people can fit in a single room, whoch makes Karaoke Christmas a perfect place to have a birthday party, a corporate party, a wedding reception, or just a gettogether party with your best friends.


Store Hours

  • Monday - Sunday : 1:00PM - 4:00AM